This blog aims to highlight the actions of those promoting men’s rights. Some are writing. Some bring an issue to the courts. Some make videos.

Nominate someone you know for Man Of The Month Award by:
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7 Responses to Nominate

  1. I would also have go for Marx as well. Outstanding effort for a man who been screwed over in the divorce court, while doing a degree in Computing and creating a forum that is one of the leading lights in the movement. Definitely deserves credit..

    As you can see, he has done his job that well that he has created his own male loathing ,feminist admirers and that is how desperate thy are in not seeing him getting any credit for his marvelous efforts..

  2. Michael says:

    Karl is a great man? What friggin planet do you live on? The man is a complete idiot; a bully and someone who does not hesitate to damage the reputations of any MRA he falls out with. I would nominate for a dildo award but not this one.

  3. this one deserves a nomination

    Do you know please take note of my site, but there are probably more deserving nominees

  4. Agreed says:

    Lemme Gitdisstraight has nailed it. Marx of is a feminist infiltrator. A fool, and a nasty fool at that.

    He contributes practically nothing to the men’s movement. He’s an obfuscator and a misdirector.

  5. Lemme Gitdisstraight says:

    There is no way that feminist infiltrator Karl Marx at should be nominated. The guy is a fool and a nasty fool at that. He does bad damage to the Men’s Movement whenever his moods strike him and he lies through his teeth about those who upset him like a woman in a family court. The man is a liability and not an asset.

  6. fidelbogen says:

    Yes, I agree. Karl seems a worthy candidate for MOTM honors. I second the nomination.

  7. amfortas says:

    I would like to nominate Karl Mathews who runs

    Karl is a tryer and a facilitator who has encouraged many and provided a forum for many. His unstinting efforts have achieved a great deal for Men’s Rights despite a continual lack of resources and considerable self-sacrifice.

    Karl persists on a singular path of openess and stays out of the limelight himself. He strives. He enables.

    Karl is a Great Man.

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