Name & Shame

Highlighting the good work of men promoting men’s rights, also entails shaming feminists (male and female) who are actively working to deny the truth about the men’s movement.

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–  –  –  –  –  –  –  Sept 10, 2012  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –
The first Name&Shame is Derek Bedry, who has effectively ended his budding journalism career by creating a news story about MRA posters in Vancouver, then reporting the same story. MRAs know why he would choose to select an MRA issue – because he is a pro-feminist male that needs to be named and shamed.

YouTube1    YouTube reaction1   AVFM Report1  AVFM Report2

Complaint1   Complaint2  Storify  Laughable resume  Derek’s Blog

Reminders of this incident, with Derek’s pro-feminist leanings, will be posted on the internet for the remainder of his life.

Derek has received Mangina of the Year award. May he enjoy wearing the golden panties for the rest of his life.
Send him a @tweet to congratulate him on the nomination.



6 Responses to Name & Shame

  1. What a bunch of male supremacist morons.

  2. Arnul Patel says:

    His life as a journalist is completely dead.

  3. Jose Schellig says:

    This dude will never shake this He’s finished as a journalist. This should be a huge warning to all who ridcule men’s issues.

  4. Jerry King says:

    This is typical of the kind male that will do anything to get ahead. He does this to gain money and power, so that he will have more access to women. This kind of man, is no man at all.

  5. David Kerr says:

    I just heard about this from a AVFM website alert. Derek should be tried and jailed.

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