MOTM April 2014 – Gordon Smith

April 17, 2014

Gordon Smith’s wife, Tiffany Marie Smith,made numerous false allegations against him during the divorce process. The Delaware Police consistently accepted her word as gospel as they were corrupted by the typical “women do not lie” drivel that is part of feminist lunacy. Finally, in September 2012 Tiffany was arrested and all charges against Gordon were dropped. He fought the pro-feminist state of Delaware and won. Gordon is a hero.
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MOTM March 2014 – Harvey Silvergate

March 15, 2014

Harvey is a lawyer based in Boston, MA who has been a strong advocate of free speech for many decades. He has been active in fighting feminist attempts to muzzle men’s rights speakers, particularly those who expose the many lies of feminism. Harvey has many talents. His contribution to men’s rights are the most worthy.
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MOTM February 2014 – Eivind Berge

February 11, 2014

Eivind Berge is a hard core promoter of men’s rights. He is exactly what the men’s movement needs – active men who demonstrate to others that men will NOT accept any more feminist nonsense. To some, he is a hero. He is specifically hailed for his actions against the feminist controlled police state in Norway.
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MOTM January 2014 – Barry Williams

January 21, 2014

Barry Williams is a first class man. In the 1970s, his drunken wife abruptly left he and four children. Barry fought the entire Australian social system to ensure he maintained custody of the family, even in the face of hostility. He has been supporting fathers for many decades and is a shining light for all men.  His organization “Lone Fathers of Australia” leads the way in his country. He was ecstatic when Gillian Gillard was rightfully removed from politics.
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MOTM December 2013 – Daniel Donaldson

December 9, 2013

Daniel Donaldson is a former solicitor residing in Scotland who writes a blog that is passionate about equality. The blog started in March 2013 and is indicative of the millions of men worldwide who are waking up to the injustices men receive everyday at the hands of the feminists. The very existence of his blog is proof that MHRAs are gaining strength. As his theme is ‘equality for all’ it is likely that he, like most MHRAs, will steadily lose respect for anything feminism as he comes to the only conclusion that feminists say they want equality but their actions clearly show they hate men.



MOTM November 2013 – Fidelbogen

November 15, 2013

Fidelbogen has maintained his blog for many years. Each of his blog posts expose more and more feminist lunacy and are supported with convincing statistics and historical perspective. While using examples of out of control feminists around the world, the steady theme since 2006 (his first blog post) has been that men must come together to hold feminists accountable for their child-like behavior. His blog roll is long and a good source for all MHRAs.

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MOTM October 2013 – Anti-Feminist Technology

October 16, 2013

The creator of the website “” has many important things to say about pro-male issues and numerous other issues as well. He is particularly famous for establishing a monthly “Entitlement Princess of the Month” award which is given to the female narcissist who best demonstrates the evil effects of feminism. He encourages submissions for the award from all men. Unfortunately, there are numerous nominees each month. He is a mens’ rights blogger that has realized that technology is the key to defeating feminism and their allies.

When the website owner is ready (and only then) to make his name and photo public, it will be posted here.

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